Recapture the electric Ma Ma sex

sex Fu, pre marital experience and marriage experience gap is widespread, men and women are the same, but the women’s experience is more apparent. Investigate its reason, have objective, also have subjective.

Objectively speaking,

is the love and marriage gap. Love is the interaction of male and female sexual gratification, gender differences. Foreplay as forbidden fruit is full of temptation. Leaving aside such as hugging, kissing like passionate caress, even if it’s just the occasional passing this not worth mentioning the skin to skin contact, will arouse some excitement and impulse.

married amphoteric well, bisexual body and mind communication, give way to direct in sexual intercourse, caresses and back to supporting role, into sexual intercourse before arousal and sexual intercourse after to touching means. Evolution in nature, the inevitable emergence of a no experience.

for the subjective, is the expectation gap. Limited memory illusion, people of the past things like idealized. This kind of psychology of habitual, make the person produces "be realistic marriage sex than originally expected to be less" illusion, like adult sugar never childhood eating like that sweet deceit.

knowing this, worries were unnecessary.


famous spiritual medical department Jiang Hanguang said: Based on years of clinical experience for intimate contact men physically more often than in the psychological understanding "needed" more can enhance his sense of security. So, partner flirting in a timely manner, absolutely make romance bloom is not the same spark.

flirting can bring the positive influence to the affection, can not only seize the lover’s attention, increase the intimacy between you, let your partner know how not only he needs you, you also long for his enthusiasm.

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