Refers to the skill a finger sex skills to share

refers to the skill can also play a huge effect in foreplay:

love , when Yin stem in female slowly to do rotary movement in the reproductive organs, if it is the normal position by in the body of men, a slight elevation, with two, three finger fingertips, repeatedly inserted into the hair comb Lane in yin. Or an one root carefully combed, handle as a comb, carefully, slowly comb, is this refers to the technical key. Of course, the normal position other than the position, also can undertake.

when the female has yishenxiangxu, facing the Yin hair is an one root touch, only to provoke her more intense shame. At the same time, feel the Yin hair by men of an one root lovingly, psychological joy it is self-evident, jointly stimulate intense sexual excitement.

women’s and male sexual intercourse than up, to the psychological aspect of the feeling is strong. Therefore, often by emotion control, care about whether it is love.

only by understanding that psychology in women after refers to the skill, can give women really happy, not only physically, also by the spiritual attack, women become "then disorder also never mind", "think how can"…… In addition to this refers to the skill, but also add a also refers to technology; and which at the same time with his finger to fiddle with the women’s hair, an one root touch.

hair is female mental sexy with one of the, if at the same time with Yin wool together to be touched, sexual excitement will be increased. In addition, you can also use the tongue licking the female earlobe to the neck part. At this time, Yin stem action to slow, the rotary motion of her anxiety to the principle of.

This means the

technology can not only during sexual intercourse, can also have an effect on the foreplay. To provoke women’s sense of shame, her mental disorder.

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