Remember that the conquest of TA integral sex skills

in this wolf much less meat society, want to completely conquered the other half, you in addition to support a surprise for his life, life in the small details can not be ignored, the flexible use of sex skills and let your love effect instantaneously doubled, today we come to talk about, what are the conquest of his indispensable sexual techniques.

1, the use of delay


currently, method man prolong sex time is easiest to use with delay utility condom . All the market can prolong sex time condoms, almost all contain paralysis glans sensitivity ingredients, for those premature ejaculation who undoubtedly not a good method. Moreover, the use of condoms and contraceptive method is simple, the effect of shoot two hawks with one arrow, this kind of things, what is there against it?


2, masturbation improve erectile degree

if your erection difficult, suggested in the sexual life before, you can pass masturbation way, to improve the YJ erection degree. Research shows that, time, YJ erects hardness enhanced obviously, but, lower sensitivity. At the same time, can have short-term pleasure foreplay type. The female can also try to find their own, the sensitive zone, improve >

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