Romantic woman sex tread air moves

whether man or woman wants " is the perfect harmony of sexual life, so, " sex must not immutable, because constantly trying new things will make the sex between the two sides sex more harmonious. Today Xiaobian take you have a look a woman in the sex, what pattern can let both sides have the perfect life.

at the same time to meet the two

Things on both sides of the

sex, should not have to meet the party needs to the neglect of their own needs, should just meet the needs of each other’s words, very easy to let the in women hate sex. Therefore, women should say without mincing words about your need to each other, do not need to feel guilty or feel shy, because in fact, like men are able to enjoy sexual love of women. When a man found his action can give women happiness, it can make him excited than what aphrodisiac.

don’t pretend

the climax of misleading man

sometimes women in order not to fight hard to make self-esteem will very realistic to pretend to enjoy, give off the impression that they reached the Touch and tease men


sex, not light caresses man > the penis can well stimulate sexual desire, men have a lot of sensitive areas, women can continue to caress in foreplay and flirting with a man’s body, you do this he would like to transfer you like his the body. Some women will shy >

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