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ADU behind Adriano selected Spurs: like James. Dare to think, dare Adu fully supports Adriano’s decision of sina sports news Beijing time on July 5th, according to ESPN, is still in recovering the thunder team headed star Kevin – Durant appeared in the Orlando Pro Summer League site, in an interview with KD revealed he expects himself in August completely recovered. "Since the end of last season, I have been in Oklahoma City since I received surgery." Durant said in an interview, "this two days I happened to be free, so I want to see some basketball games and meet everyone." According to Freddy Adu said that his injury recovery has entered the "third period", that he can accomplish some jumper but cannot run. Still, he says that everything is running on the normal track, and that it is expected to be fully recovered in a time of August. Last season, Durant suffered a foot injury, and only played 27 regular season games. Eventually, the thunder team missed the playoffs. Since the entry into the NBA, Durant has been considered the body is too thin, but after this time of rest, he seems to have been significantly stronger. In fact, after a long period of surgery, he was wearing protective boot and walking, until recently he began to increase the amount of training. "To be honest, I think I have to lose some weight." Durant said, "but I have paid a lot of effort in the power room. For about 12 weeks or 13 weeks, I had never been so much activity, so I started training at the Stadium last week, and some sweat." NBA free agent market this summer is particularly popular, Durant is also very concerned about the nature. For LaMarcus Aldridge chose to join the Spurs, said he was not surprised. "When the whole thing starts, you can feel he wants to go to other places." He said, "but in those decisions, man, you have to respect him and make the right decisions. I know a lot of fans in Portland are likely to be upset, but you have to pay attention to your life and your career at this stage. When Mr. James made his decision last year, I said, seeing a man do what he wants to do and not care about what other people think, it’s a very cool thing to do." Next summer, Durant will also become a free agent. So did he imagine that he would be in a position to be faced with? "No, I haven’t thought about it." As he said, "although I’ve been hearing rumors, I’m really focusing on my recovery." When it described last season, Durant said, from the point of view of basketball, it is the most difficult year I have experienced, at the same time, he hopes to focus their attention on the next season. "I am now the main concern is to get rid of distractions and focus on what I have to do." He said, "I can’t wait to get back to the game I love. This is all my attention." (Rosen)

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