Satisfied woman tide stream continuously.

women want " tidal " continuous flow? Passion climax let the woman face glowing with health, the body more health . Women want more easily with sex when using some techniques .

sexual intercourse Yin pedicle stimulation of

important to the female is presented in this section of the Yin pedicle stimulation technique. No matter what a sex motion, if Yin pedicle stimulation has not been directly or indirectly, the female is not easy to achieve orgasm, this male must know. Therefore, according to the different position of men in sexual intercourse movement at the same time, it is necessary with fingers caressed Yin pedicle.

is the adequate and romantic foreplay

female sexual instinct desire fully contact. Contact desire only women get the full, sufficient to meet, women accumulate sexual excitement impulse energy to be released, achieve orgasm, enjoy sexual satisfaction.

kiss is

best way to promote the passion

kiss is promoting lust the best sex laws. Want to have more high quality and exciting sex, let her to kiss is the key to sin to death, called foreplay heavy through kissing to convey passion, let a woman feel man’s passion. Even without overlapping action, also from each other’s kiss them >

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