Secret 12 constellation sex skills – Aquarius


also called Aquarius Aquarius, because the ancient Greeks translation errors, so the translated as "bottle". Aquarius is mid November dusk, symbol symbolizes water. In the southern sky can see the sign, which form a Y small star is the bottle.

love . You like the wind drifting easily bored, so the need for multi line development to determined to settle down. But in order to maintain the "also in the honeymoon period after sex, you need a can simultaneously satisfy the spirit and a sensory level of partner.

bottle female sexual love in "hot cold"

Aquarius woman most is not stressed the desires of the flesh, she does not exclude the "sex", but not as not lack enjoyment. Maybe she has a wealth of knowledge, but it is difficult to have rich passion. Aquarius woman can respond to each other warm in the sex scenes, but his heart was often remain calm.

although many Aquarius woman some troubles for his indifferent, but the subconscious, they feel occasionally also eager to have passion lingering.

Aquarius men want sex meet each other


sex for Aquarius man, may be to know you more deeply, but also more in-depth understanding of the nature of the way sex. He may try to increase their own knowledge, or enhance their own of skills, to give each other a sense of satisfaction. For he itself, of course, also can get pleasure from the feel, but often well controlled, there will not be too impulsive and passionate performance. If you’re not desireyour partner must be selfless, Aquarius man should be very good companion.

provoked Aquarius sexual skills

Aquarius could never because of sex, they have the rich knowledge of people in the twelve constellations. Aquarius is not "lewd", they just on what things are like analysis a. In the end, these people may be a spiritual love, if you put the body contact above feelings, then sooner or later will be "Aquarius" PASS.

wants to provoke the Aquarius sex, first of all to take special touch technique, so that they gradually aroused, only when they want to "do >

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