Secret 12 constellation sex skills – Pisces


Pisces is a constellation of the zodiac, in 88 a constellation, the fourteenth largest.

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"emotion abundant, which makes fish" become a sensitive lover. "The fish" intuitively knows what he wants, but also can enjoy such as the fairy tale world of life, including some Cosplay game. The "fish", "
sex is in ascending spiritual level, "the fish"
sex brings pleasure and the liberation of their own, have emotional and sexual needs and your partner’s deep communication can really meet.

"female" sexual partner is happy

the Pisces woman is a don’t want to disappoint her gentle woman. Because of this, the Pisces woman often couldn’t help both sides actively requirements, and have blamed his situation. She is a full of sharp nervous woman, after a brief flirtation will burn up, itself can be completely immersed in the excitement, not hide their feelings, to request the bold, sexual pleasure can be sustained for a long time. Should be able to make each other feel very pleasant sexual partner.

"the male" sexual pursuit of happiness

a Pisces man in sex is the pursuit of their own happiness, also wish each other happy. Pisces men some indulgence in sex, the performance is imaginative, may come up with all kinds of fresh things, to stimulate the fun with each other. He is gentle and romantic, cool girl would let him do not meet, or even to his frustration.

meets techniques

"fish" is not the blind pursuit of behavior on the skills, their sensitivity is very high, the influence that behavior by emotion. If there is no sexual interest, desire is not forced. After making love to finish still is very important to "fish", gently hug each other, quietly appreciate the rhythm and intensity of emotion.

Pisces people generally are fantasies master, when they feel the desire, your brain will appear in a variety of passionate scene. Techniques for them is just icing on the cake, if there is what exclusive >

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