Secret 5 seduce lady’s love moves

for men, if you are looking at him but did not dare to express words, then I suggest you try several methods to learn the ladies to seduce a man.

exposed to

is known to all men are visual animals, so seductive picture always can let their eye brain paralysis, suspend operation. You can try a bold display of your body, such as the use of the chest curve is not deep, low waist jeans inadvertently exposed T-back, but please remember that the key is looming.

plays the role of youth

youth hormone is also a kind of men are hard to resist the breath. The mature charm is full of the wisdom of the woman came out to also do not have amorous feelings, but the authentic taste of youth still wonderful. Strongly recommended the mini skirt and thin shoulder straps series clever use of.

happy delay

temptation is a bridge, regardless of whether the bridge is the end of love or sex, marriage or one night stand , you should never hurried across the bridge, had better let try to extend it, slowly took slightly wonderful time. Both men and women like two people walking in a fantasy soap bubble, as long as the distance is controlled properly, the protection film is not active poke each other, this is a temptation to guerrilla war destined to be interesting.


as everyone knows the man is also a good face of animal, so do not admit defeat is common to all men. The clever women should be the first to feel out the opponent’s expertise, with the slightest provocation and let the man can speak one’s mind freely, even in order to allow you to share his knowledge of wine and take you to walk the fancy restaurant, or do not believe in his ski technology and take you to the Swiss resort.


basically this is a temptation most dangerous, so does not encourage must personally to challenge not. But frankly, this situation is also common, no matter is the boss flirting with subordinates, or students tease teacher, or crush best friend’s boyfriend is this kind of. The temptation would have no men and women of the game, it is no wonder that this kind of complex relations under the passion would like a drug addiction.

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