Secret high quality sex personality skills 4

we are in sex always want to own life weight can be almost perfect, but I hope always easily lost, hope sometimes trance became expect.

for high quality sex, we really only expect option? Not really, sex, as long as we pay attention to some elements, high quality sex will come naturally.


skin blushBefore the

high quality sex comes, someone body as part of the skin will appear the sex flush. This is because the redistribution of blood, blood flow to the body surface in a sudden, resulting in superficial subcutaneous vascular congestion results. The sex flush occurred mainly in the face, before the chest, breast , then the whole body skin may also appear congestion phenomenon.


muscle tension

due to muscle excitability, a body part of the muscle tension in the muscles, never can shrink to regular contraction. On top of that kind of muscle spasm may be shrinking, mainly hand, foot cramps, facial distortion or twisting the body.

3 breathing, heart rate

due to the excitement of the central nervous system, blood pressure, muscle contraction, aerobic metabolism to speed up, increasing the need for oxygen, so that breathing, heart rate. At the top of the respiratory frequency, up to 40 times / min, sometimes accompanied by rhythmic sound; heart rate increased to 120 times / min, with individual female even up to 150-160 / min..

4 breasts nipple erection reaction of

within the breast tissue of muscle fibers involuntary contraction, vascular congestion, erect nipples harden. Once you reach

sex of high quality, the general has diversity, a report on the 936 married women of childbearing age

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