Secret sex skills — twelve constellation Sagittarius

Sagittarius is considered to be the leader of the twelve constellations. Their favorite thing is to watch movies, listen to music, read a book and other leisure activities. Female shooter doesn’t love cry not weak, strong. Striker male sun humor and sentimental, is one of the many girls like of the object.

Sagittarius common heart Guao, priggish taste, they don’t like people tacky. Sagittarius is generous, if not a reasonable response from the people there, will make their hearts sank. Not deep and affectionate, this is its lonely heart world foreshadowed.

shooter male is sex master


Sagittarius men can be called master have sex. Although usually looks very gentlemanly, less his levity, but in the life in the performance of very strong passion and skill.


can create a great atmosphere, choose a comfortable place, and then to the enthusiastic response, you will get along very well. Sagittarius men’s pursuit of not just the combination of the body, but the mind on the intersection of the.

striker female seeking stimulation of

a Sagittarius woman can become very interesting partners. She has the pursuit of stimulation, curious innocence traits. Will not stick to the form, place or time. A Sagittarius woman can cooperate with each other, to create a different atmosphere and the mode of

but for excessive stubborn, passion, or objects like long time to indulge in sex will feel impatient.

Sagittarius love enlightenment of


Sagittarius is full of vitality, fresh and pleasant, optimistic, humorous and sociable, filled with a freedom of passion. Sagittarius heart very innocent longing for, is the ideal of the love. After take one’s ease of celibacy, will become the mainstay of a as an understanding wife and loving mother and family. Sagittarius is concerned about her husband and children, but not be trapped in the family circle, know how to respect their independence and others.

The body part of our

Sagittarius is the thighs and buttocks. Therefore, Centaur activities particularly strong, full of charm and beauty of muscle. Sagittarius vibrant attractive, optimistic and cheerful personality will make love road is smooth.

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