Segmented emission can doubled erotic pleasure

ejaculation is generally man climax performance. At the same time, also on behalf of the end of life .


, you know? Ejaculation is a of skills, frequency of good control of their own ejaculation can promote > sexual pleasure.

to understand the "

process ejaculation

is the first since of testicular output tubular contraction, then head of epididymis, body, followed by epididymal tail contraction. Sperm through the vas deferens and flooding into the ampulla of vas deferens, and finally of the prostate and seminal vesicle emptying, the sperm and seminal plasma driven into urethra. With the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscle contraction, but also on the bladder neck closure, to prevent semen retrograde fired at the bladder, and the semen rhythmically from urethral injection.

generally think ejaculation process have seven strong, rhythmic contraction movements. We can artificially to ejaculation process is divided into two sections. The first three for a period, this part of the semen comes mainly from the prostate; rest for a period, mainly from the seminal vesicle. Generally speaking, the first part of the sperm density and activity rate, both in the activity, survival rate, or the stability of the membrane and other aspects are significantly higher than the second part. According to statistics, 89% the first part of the male sperm count is higher than the second part >

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