Seven personal details to expose a woman’s sexual interest

1, real hip the most playable:

strong upward ass is indicative of good she certainly can play with you all night. On the contrary, if her buttocks flat, which shows that she is a lazy one, the Shu no request for sexual, and there will be a lot of men and women under the traditional love missionary, she even has may not be able to go to see the doctor first to for some difficult

sex skills!

2, the sexy :

do not say not to know, a woman’s foot size had with her pelvis is a large proportional, while the pelvis is vaginal shrine to large and small best inspiration.

3, the most temptation eyes:

eye contact is confident performance, especially to sex, sheepishly probably didn’t come in handy.

4, short the surprise:

long hair woman said she willing and patient care of trouble; but mischievous woman with short hair is easier to surprise you. Gray hair woman to note; ask even their own instrument does not pay attention to people, you can have any expectation on her? Dark brown and red hair of fiery passion, the blonde is most can improve the interest of bed. But curly hair girl, not guess right, but love of popular characters in their leather appliance.

5, the most hard chest:

love to show people the chest before the woman said her interest in sex is extremely strong, but also may be a signal to have confidence in their own life, so if you really fall in love with this type of woman, please be careful of her makeup is too perfect, everything in the defects covered up.

6, mouth movements to frequency:

please find love mouth movements woman (often inseparable from the cigarette, drinking water, nail biting, eat like life) to kiss the opponent, they are generally in this technology superb, concerning their practice without stimulation and like mouth. If you love the innocent woman, for fear of only as woodpecker like addiction.

7, the thigh to strong:

said her thighs strong strong and energetic, she >

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