Sex artifact breasts between happiness

breast is help artifact of

for men, a woman’s breast is the help of artifact. Even without the insertion of the penis into the Yin Yin, is inserted between the breasts, also can let the male human test yuxianyusi feeling. The man put a hand on her breast clamping woman’s own Yin stem friction, can easily achieve the run.

proper use of lubricant

The use of breast

help, not only with breast clip in Yin stems so simple, women can hold some of their own initiative, breasts, can also use the Yin stems in the breast surface friction, can also use the Yin stem provoking pressure nipples. Of course, these patterns of milk into skills, there is a prerequisite is smooth. While the breast and unlike Yin says it can secrete love liquid, so in order to let the milk delivered more smoothly, the need for appropriate use some lubricant. A lubricant to help, male can realize smooth passion.

of breast of the temptation to play

woman only to maximize the breast of the temptation, in order to play the best entertainment effect. In the men’s eyes, a woman’s breast is lovely, in man will Yin stem insertion between breast, if a woman can swing, swing the breasts, breasts to show vitality, more men to visual stimulation, can shake her chunxindangyang, legs tight, the more fierce the Vietnam war. Woman with makes men more zest.

due to groan

when a man with Yin stem to do all kinds of stimulation on the breast, not only men can get pleasure, " women also can have a lot of pleasure. But women don’t suppress your pleasure, let the pleasure of sudden passion. Blurred face, delicate and panting, are a catalyst for men’s sexual desire, sound, visual dual himself, sees the beloved woman in his body that satisfy the expression, can let a man get great satisfaction, the more excited his pleasure, let him indulge.

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