Sex before secretly preheating effect is better

1, I secretly preheating, he secretly gladThe

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a few years of marriage, my husband was dubbed the "wet firewood" point nonflammable, but he is also a patient not good enough men often do things carelessly, side, side constantly ask me: "there is a feeling? Feeling?" he asked me more anxious, more anxious is no feeling. Sometimes I even feel useless, how can not like those videos of the woman, as long as a man a hug, a long kiss, can be emotional? In order to improve the "hot" effect, we tried many ways, drink some wine, dear all over the body, transform sex time, location and so on, unfortunately, little effect.

late after a bath, he is not home, I took off the robe, looked at her hourglass figure, could not help but automatic speaking: "you ah you, why not that?" said, on the side of the hand gently from his own body to slip past. I do not know why, the gently action he let my body tiny tiny one Zhan, I seemed to catch a little pleasure. In the silk Lvlv pleasure domination, my hand is not willing to stop, until I heard him knock on the door. I quickly put on a bathrobe and went to open the door, he hugged me of time, my body has a strong reaction, but I resisted, pretend as if nothing had happened. He went into the bathroom to take a shower, I continued to caress myself in bed, when he jumped into bed, kiss me, we had no foreplay smoothly into the state. Afterwards he was somewhat surprised, I said that: I miss you today.

this time, every night I want to be intimate, early take a shower, and then when he was washing, secretly self preheating, results, most of the time I can hand over a passion of the body. Later, I also try to use other ways of preheating himself, such as eating, walking, car, boundless Association and some pictures related to sex, some with color joke with him, occasionally see a porn alone.

looked at me gradually change, he sometimes bad smile: "you Is it right? Do homework?" I only smiled but did not reply.

: for those unspoken rule somewhat conservative, patience is not very good men, so women secretly preheating, just their thoughts, when slow woman had its own debugging to the optimum excitation state, only the men gently press the authorities, a fiery, can immediately start. Of course, he must have a little not stupid, perhaps already knew beforehand "pleasure" to you, even the shower wild imagination. Never mind, with an ambiguous smile to answer his imagination is good.


2, even if you overdo, I’m still loyal Fans


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husband straight love me, he knew I liked the fiery passion of men. Perhaps in order to keep him in front of me "tough guy" image, each time for love, he will fight every effort, exhibit catalytic a strong desire to be like hunger and thirst to male > and by desire.

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