Sex, don’t forget your ear effect Oh

In sex, the ear is often a neglected part, in fact, it can also tap the potential.

to ear hole gently blowing, can fully stimulate the nerve internal sensitive ears, and deep and deep mucosa. At the beginning of the kind of micro itch may make partner is difficult to accept, but if properly controlled, will make the whole body desire is activated.

kissing partner, don’t forget to kiss ears and auricle, the exciting force for some people more strongly than kissing. The tongue of auricle gently teasing, gentle or warm, need according to partner’s reaction time adjustment.

kiss or lobe nibble, is a common type of sex. When lovers nibble earlobe, the body will produce abnormal reaction, because some people earlobe is more sensitive erogenous zone.

in fact, if only a simple exercise above, they ignored the biggest function: auditory ears. Put the might as well some like lingering music during sex, and companion whispers and even the "dirty words" will also bring us a strong feeling, the call of fully affirmed, on self ability and personality strength at the same time, also can make us more excited and can "fight".

so, the best way is to the above several methods organically, because according to local conditions. Even, until after the climax, also do not forget the last longer care about ears: in your partner’s ear, gently say: "too good, I love you……"

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