Sex joke never gains





    夫妻性生活在开放的今天变得更活了,有不少人看过"三级片"或描述性生活细节的书,难免会想试试,可能会使性生活更有趣更快乐.但是,需注意夫妻间性观念 If the partner is different, this is very difficult to accept, then we must pay attention to keep consistent, or take the gradual way change slowly, otherwise it will certainly make partner cares and doubts even unpleasant, " kind instead do bad ".

      not every time a woman

    climax;   in recent years on the orgasm is introduced in this paper has many men and women want to husband and wife, make women often get orgasm, or one-sided pursuit of the so-called orgasm effect, this is not realistic, the experts pointed out that the female orgasm is affected by many factors, so the husband and wife sex: just think meet happy go >

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