Sex links are most close sex position

genital intercourse from the front. This is a sex way, is also a kind of sex is the most basic, is a uniquely human sexual intercourse. Say it is the most basic sexual intercourse is because there are a variety of ways, but generally can be divided into two categories, namely, from the front or the back surface. All positive overlapping sex are from the evolution of the sexual intercourse way to. Say it is a kind of sexual intercourse is unique, because other animal never positive overlapping manner.

this is for humans. There’s even a Western biologists demonstrated great apes evolved into humans is to walk upright, because such a convenient positive overlapping. So in fact not doesn’t make sense, the ordinary sexual intercourse is popular because it is indeed has many advantages.

is to facilitate communication between spouses. Between spouses, communication is very important for sexual intercourse. Between the positive way obviously than the back way more conducive to the spouse to understand each other’s feelings; two is can be more close physical contact. The woman sexy area (i.e. easy excite parts) are relatively concentrated areas of skin and mucosa. For example: labia lips, nipples, etc.. Using this kind of sexual intercourse way besides genital can contact each other, lips, nipples can also close contact. Sexual excitement is comprehensive. Three is to facilitate to oppress the pubic symphysis. The pubic symphysis is woman abdominal pressure parts, the man will have a clear feeling. There’s a hot zone. This site can be tightly pressed to make women achieve sustained pleasure. Pay attention to the use of other is unable to obtain this effect.

this sexual conception opportunity. Men take the initiative position in the operation, but the woman also can meet the men of action. Only both sides have played a positive role, it is easy to reach run. Men use the waist strength, in order to force, a man can be a leg to do music; hands can be pressed against the woman’s shoulder. If a male human heavy overweight, need both hands propped up in bed, so as not to put all his weight on the woman body, causing her asphyxia.

this kind of sexual intercourse women more easily, can slowly experience; >

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