Sex seat refinement hold up the sex

men and women can transform many position in life , each kind of posture is the need to find a point of support, or sit, rely on the object. However, daily supplies, bedding, ordinary furniture can not meet the requirements. sex seat is in order to solve this problem and.

sex seat with

for normal posture sex outside of posture, find a good support is very important. For example, mount type, the woman riding in the man who, though a moving subject this posture in the woman, but a lot of women don’t know how to move, or animal is uncomfortable, and the man moving up is not convenient. If the woman lay particular stress on, could not move at all. The use of sex seat can be a good solution to the problem.

the woman sat in the chair, the man lying underneath, due to the seat surface is made of special material of the elastic band, so it can be a natural droop, let both sides of sexual organs smooth overlapping. Sports are very convenient, elastic band stretch may also assist the up and down movement.

is not only the mount type, after entering the body position can also use sex chair. The woman lying on the chair, vacant state, the man of the back chair, hand guards on both sides, so you can smoothly movement. An elastic band at will along with the movement and expansion, promote the body collision dynamics, produce pleasure than stiffly tables and chairs are so much better.

in addition, sex seat can also be used for standing posture. The man leaning against the wall, will seat in the abdomen, similar to the physical examination form. Then, the woman on live seat elastic band, sexual organs after coitus can be conducted before and after exercise. At this point, an elastic band and punches, the elastic force can save both a lot of strength. However, attention must be paid to the "top" efforts should not be too large, otherwise the woman may be ejected to


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