Sex skills let her wild shy

every man heart hoped that his wife has a dual character. A: on the main hall, under the kitchen, the two is: flirtatious, sexy wild in bed.

Men always want to

, to find a woman with the above two features, and spend more time with her. However, the reality always let their great frustration, searching after only announced the "gentle and passionate cannot coexist".

however, American famous sexologist Jessica Loyd recently pointed out that, in fact, each female body contain erotic spark, clever man can will it burn into the raging fire, as long as to find a suitable "magic weapon", then quiet women can become wild full.

to buy her a taste of the clothing. Used clothing as props, a good way is "help". It can stimulate both male and female sexual fantasies, see side each other not show, to the sex brings different taste. Before buying, must first do some secret investigation, such as understanding her measurements, preference etc.. The husband can "peek" wife underwear on the label, to get the information. Nowadays, popular taste clothing including nurse maid, and medieval style corsets etc.. In addition, stockings, garters, there are many male as "very lethal seduction props".

broke her sexual taboos. If the wife likes to accept challenges, may wish to use some bold suggestions to tease her, as urged her striptease etc.. These unconventional move would help her breaking sexual taboos, makes her excited, also will give both impressed, and lead a person to endless aftertastes.

don’t satisfy her sexuality. The biggest difference between men and women, in men’s sexual needs much more than women. So many women most probably it did not actually happen that, regardless of when they want, friends will be happy to try. This reduces sexual unpredictability in some extent. Men can use women "reverse psychology" the psychology of this implementation, let not lust they timely access to meet with frustration, to inspire their enthusiasm.

if implemented properly, this "foot dragging" will produce a beat all effect. Men can occasionally to her sexually suggestive dissimulate >

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