Sex toys can ease the pressure of the icing on the cake

culture exhibition, pornography diagram generic male root, the pressure on the bottom of a variety of materials, and a variety of oscillator, modern new contraceptive sets, lubricant, show China’s rich culture.

domestic survey found that Chinese people in at least 10% of the people suffering from a variety of different degrees of of function disorder, more than 50% of the of life . So, with the majority of women to this problem, and discordant couples, disabled, single, how to alleviate their pressure?

The history of the

, there is a way to solve the appliance. China may be the earliest use of appliance of the countries in the world, since the stone age, appeared the sex organs simulation products, mainly in the service of women. Even in the "starvation of small things, big things Shijie" feudal society, tools have been accepted by the people.

Effect of

on sex toys, we should give a correct evaluation.

when people because of physiological and psychological problems can not be normal to complete the sex , not to be negative, attitude of inaction to avoid this kind of demand, but should be with the help of body parts, beyond genital drugs or sexual appliances help to finish activity.

for example, when the man > the penis cannot erect, he can borrow assistant, export, tools, to provide non genital contact female sexual stimulation, make the woman get sexual gratification; have sex but lack of sexual partners, also can use all kinds of equipment, such as mode >

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