Sex two work let a woman forget oneself

if we know something about the martial arts novels, you will know, in many small time inside those magical Kungfu tend to beat all effect in the critical moment. For example, "one finger", this effort allows people with enemy earned stroke dangerous occasion, close to the size of enemy points, one that attack and retreat from.

so what we today call "refers to the two power" and what effect is there? Is very simple, two refers to work while no one finger so magical, but it is truly our life plays a lot of magical effect.

"refers to the two power" of the cast site 1: breast edge

and other necessary equipment: lubricant

magic show:

to do circular motion in her pussy with one hand, with the other hand massage her genitals bottom. When her head to one side happy crooked past, do before and after exercise in her pussy with your forearm. But, encouraged her to use the body against your hand and arm. Now, you should know what is sex.

we first easy, two refers to the edge of the breast to stimulate the power "by". The thumb and index finger hand separately for the "eight" shape, and then press down on the woman with a forefinger rub the nipple, breast stroke edge. Women do not have what may at first obvious reaction, but don’t worry, this time a few drops of lubricant, and then began to accelerate Ceng row, when your fingers obviously feel the heat, this time a woman will feel breast has a kind of "unspoken" intolerable itching.

"refers to the two power" of 2 locations: papillary


and other necessary equipment: lubricant

magic show:


our main place can’t wait. This time, the woman needs is still on the nipple stimulation. A few drops of lubricant. Then still use two fingers to stimulate. But this time is no longer loiter row, but hold and rub!

is still the thumb and index finger, gently pinch are then immediately release cycle, then dozens of times. If no accident, women’s nipples will reach you beat all the "erection". This time, no longer hold it between two fingers rub, rub the nipple, like cigarettes as back and forth. At this moment, you can’t blame your woman suddenly screaming oh.

"refers to the two power" of the cast place clitoris 3:

and other necessary equipment: blanket


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