Sex, women can’t say those seven words embarrassed

female say what the influence competencies? What are the influence of the ability of discourse? Below by sex errors column Xiaobian tell you some woman in bed should not say a few words.

1. When his temperature is rising

you said: "I haven’t think good want to do." — if you really don’t want to, please prepare before meeting him, suggested to him, and not to the bed again.

2. When you one step

you say suddenly: "your bed is really dirty really mess! How can like this lying down?" — you can glimpse of his bed, with the body to bring him to the sofa and lead, and don’t really speak it out, it will make him embarrassed.

3. When you kiss

you say: "your mouth stinks, go brush your teeth!" — you can speak softly; "dear, I just had dinner yet brushing it, wait for me?" and then naturally pull him to go Restroom.

4. When you fire up

you say: "ah, your underwear and my former BF!" — any reminded him of your former BF words don’t mention, even a hint, briefs socks this personal things especially.

5. When his poor state of

you say: "never mind, the next will be better." — if you think this encouragement can play a role, it is completely mistaken, when he really poor performance, it is best to remain silent, if pretended to comfort, is tantamount to self deception.

6. When he performed well, ask you how you feel about

you say: "OK" — good is good, not good to cheat him, no need to give a vague answer, it will make him doubt yourself don’t meet you.

7. When he wants you for his of oral and you do not want to

you say: "really disgusting! Don’t dream!" — if you are not good or don’t love, don’t force yourself, but don’t put this he recognized love manner vigorously refute >

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