Sexologist weapon arrangement plan to help you change the situation

: bath for first days. Stress is a major killer of sexuality, bubble bath helps to relieve stress, have sex.

on the second day: massage navel. The navel is "sexual switch", massage clockwise around the navel, can stimulate sexual desire.

third days: the purchase of " health lovers" initiated by Nina · Helms said, silk or cotton sheets can enhance sexual desire.

The fourth day:

href= "" rel= exchange sex idea. The couple were write 5 never tried or never thought about sex, then exchange.

note: visual stimuli for fifth days. Notice in daily life to allow some of their own through the "dynamic" visual stimuli instantly, and down to tell each other.

on the sixth day: drink a cup of red Wine. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine a day can increase genital blood flow, improve the

on the seventh day: underwear show. A sexy underwear show can stimulate each other passion.

on the eighth day: Daub lubricating oil. Sensitive area more smooth, sexual arousal sooner the strong.

ninth: share fantasies. The couple shared the secret is very personal and intimate behavior, and sexual fantasy is a treasure trove of sexual excitement.

on the tenth day: create a sexy bedroom. The bedroom into a couple "private oasis", red scarf, rose petals, scented candles and so can come in handy.

eleventh: Jumping striptease. Two of the world’s sexy stripper, helps mutually arouse demand.

twelfth days: the appropriate use of sex toys. Sex toys help improve sexual arousal foreplay, let more abundant.

on the thirteenth day: self time sexy photos. Sexy pictures can be naturally show sexy and playful, improve the confidence of also can arouse sexual desire.

fourteenth day: walk into a gym. Fitness is not only to make the body more sexy, but also can improve libido, improve sexual impulse.

: choose the right perfume for fifteenth days. Perfume can stimulate the pituitary gland, produce more endorphins, and improve sexual desire.

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