Sexual health Cougar let 21 fatal temptation man kidney deficiency

1, a touch of self small action

The new

sexy index has been beyond the vision, figure or how much exposure to the topic, it is an expression of "and enjoy all the senses". Such as the bright smiling face, innocent or with obsequiousness wavefront (Julia-Roberts or Cameron-Diaz type), addicted to think or imagine a sullen or trance state, and even half Sao semi soft tone are more introverted sexy.

The French

, is deep reveal sexy Samadhi nation. A French is recognized the world’s sexiest language, two French use body language. Such as throwing an eyebrow pout crassipes, helpless or praise the. In all kinds of body language, self touching (selftouching) is the most to teach people the ecstasy of the small action.

such as inadvertently biting fingers, Tuosai, casual hair gently back, hands gently holding his face, helpless shrug their shoulders, crossing both hands on the shoulder or neck and put his hand into the sweater are all charming small action. Who performed "Tianya panic", "natural born killers" Hewett Julie Hewett tteLewis is the most good, no wonder she was a lot of directors as hot sexy actress.

2, add a little exotic

exotic (exoticism) not only

can attract Westerners, many people will be the peculiar smell in the exotic far different, wild and mysterious to attract. And the operation method can be wearing a little rich national characteristics of the clothing, long a head of long straight and waist long hair (let it a bit messy beautiful). And make myself a little more travel and a little bit of time to wander more is the best way to accomplishment an exotic.

3, emotional and sexy

never sexy and sensibility are complementary. A perceptual tender in women, regardless of thinking, intonation, a hand gestures are more delicate and more appealing.

4, add a little tipsy

slightly drunk not only for the cheeks crimson eyes add, add hazy beauty and gentle beauty, also can release or in the perceptual and frank day, locked in the office of the beauty. But remember not to drink over the "fire".

5, sexy zone wearing accessories

female with a plurality of sexy zone such as the ankle, shoulder, neck, ears beads, arms, throat lock position, body so young, strip rope, small > in the ankle

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