Sexual life lack 7 things

Chinese couples since ancient times about "each other, treat each other with respect". Marriage experts point out that, compared with the foreign couple, Chinese marriage easily missing the following 7 things. If you pay more attention, more investment, marriage can become more harmonious, beautiful.

for all to see. Chinese couples most shy, feel "intimacy" is the sticky performance. But the study shows, hug, kiss intimate expression of the action, is the necessity of marriage. The Japanese Wife Home Association has launched a "hug his wife plan", request the husband to his wife a few embrace every day, including the "conventional hug day out", to wait in the car, a red light when the "opportunistic embrace", from behind the hug, hug the waist of close together warm hug.

love. studies show that, between husband and wife every day at least say 3 word, such as "I love you", "I want you" etc.. A study America Houston State University also found, to love left ear say speak sugared words, more touched each other.

humor. humor can defuse, buffer conflicts, eliminate estrangement. Humor contains a lot of information: love wife, coax a wife happy, praise. His wife received this information, the mood naturally cloudy to sunny.

. Chinese good appreciation and praise the child, they used to look at the spouse with a critical eye. Among the many reasons, but if things go on like this will hurt the feelings of failure, marital stability. Everyone wants to be praised, and praise more, more motivating its good performance. Therefore, it might be the appreciation of your partner’s hang in the mouth.

communication. is known as "Dr. love," said American, Northwestern University medical school professor Huang Weiren points out, the primary task of a happy marriage, is learning to communicate and resolve conflicts. "To enhance the effectiveness of communication, on the one hand to use praise instead of criticism, especially not personal attacks, on the other hand less degree of modifiers, such as always, always, too. In addition, communication to avoid physical fatigue, hunger, illness or heavy work 4 hours, otherwise it will affect the effect."

child. cold Li pointed out, to retain a bit naive, simple, with a little more love, curiosity, is very important to improve the happiness of marriage. Who has a childlike innocence, life easier, happier state of mind, more good at finding interesting things in life. After returning home, the door was shut, the couple may wish to learn their children, often playing some small games, mutual joking, can relieve a dull, monotonous life.

full. flowers and wine may not be romantic, must be at the cost of money, in the form of rich and colorful, the main content is "as a partner to do his / her love thing". For example, the wife likes watching movies, husband able to sit with her reading, you >

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