Sexual life of husband and wife to health how much is enough

sex should how much is enough?


Medical Journal survey: 1/3 of couples monthly love two or three. Another survey shows: 1/3 of couples in long do not have sexual intercourse, or every two months make love. These couples aged 38 years of age.

amphoteric relationship is not good, sex is not good. Men and women interested because of physiology structure different, can produce the chemical action, and only accept such differences, adjust each other expectation and attitude, can overcome any interest gap, promote good relations between husband and wife.

sexual relations disputes in who wins and who loses, but in can find the objective to solve the problem of neutral point. You are happy, I happy, the most positive attitude.

Sex who

amphoteric larger? How to improve each other’s interest in


requirements for sex and gender expectations, high and low normal. male more urgent, not distracted, targeted, focused more sex process, easy to achieve physiological satisfaction. of female sex is often considered more decentralized, the urgent need for "

men and women can be as high as sexual interest, but the general male sexual interest is higher than the female, this is because the in the testis at work, also has the effect of acquired erotic stimuli in the environment.

female to male to be romantic, erotic, twice the different structure. Life in fact derived from head, rather than technology, it is necessary to pull away from the daily life, just think about, or with sexual fantasy, can produce twice.

method for improving female sexual interest: romantic gesture (such as sending cards, flowers, gifts, praise), communication and intimacy, more to meet the emotional needs, a partner willing to spend quality time together, and reduce >

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