Sexual skills, a woman with chest to his climax

          sex , should take the initiative to tease men.


male nipple

          human papilla are sex sensitive area, male nipples is good sexy belt. However, yet to be developed, can be said to be hidden erogenous zone. Stimulation of Y stems also were papillary caress, can let the male experience compound pleasure, to women , is also a kind of happiness.

          women can use fingers to his lips, tongue, man nipples. The simplest is to imitate man sexual intercourse tease their skills to counterattack, he.

          y stem

breast clip

          the Y stems lying on the breast between, it is also one of the ways to stimulate the Y stem, when sexual intercourse that is called milk or body sex. Such men love from the standpoint of words, is to stimulate the breast movement, and stood in the female standpoint, should be on the Y stem caress, with each other as a sex game features. Do the caress, women must be lying up. Straddle in male female chest next >

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