Sharing many years and husband customers

, the most commonly used one, I lay down, open the legs to my private parts to open completely to him near the edge of the bed, if lying or sitting to the table, he sat on the floor or on a chair, he will be more relaxed.

this position will stimulate a woman’s perceptual emotion, looked at the man I love between my legs love to pamper suck to the most sensitive part of the body is soft, make my heart and body together in the happy dance waves of ups and downs. His tongue like fire tease that point, then Xing fire, quickly spread to the whole body, his every action, every action priorities will make my heart and body shaking, the attendant is not lust, and endless warm love, the heart also is full of tenderness, but not when I restraint groan, the heart also involuntarily responded warmly to him: he was in love with me, he loves me.

two, after entering type posture kneeling on the bed, he came from behind to lick. Love motivates GM to this position is very convenient. Well, this kind of body posture is the original, make the person thinks of animal mating when the scene, especially when his tongue tough effectively put away the vulva, more like a desperate search of entrance of male animals. But perhaps it is because the original, inspired in my heart the most instinctive wild desire, and this desire to burst out the irresistible force, make me moan into a low growl near the mother’s. This time I was completely open, but also fully liberalized — the former refers to the body, the latter refers to the heart. Usually all shy, aunt to hold collects gave up entirely, only the most real life experience and enjoy. This time is best not to put yourself when adult, is animal, really, to lay down their human dignity and all the so-called hypocritical mask, you are the animal, an animal is making love, happiness and joy.

three, the side lying 69 type, this body posture’s advantage has two, one is two people are more relaxed, two can be mutually oral sex . Those who have had oral sex experience of the people I want to use this kind of body posture. Because of the side kiss (Shun Xi), so even if he used another big effort Shun Xi I will not because of excessive stimulation of the clitoris and discomfort (other position would sometimes because of excessive stimulation makes me some discomfort, such as pee). The best woman’s place the leg supports direction, such as the head of a bed, so you can try to open the privates and not be too tired. Husband’s head in my lap will put a small pillow, so that his mouth height with my privates are just right. This kind of body posture to play how long it can be, but every time I like than his hard, because when his little brother or soft when I can normal pillow head in his lap, but when his little brother hard and rough, as into the mouth angle problem so I have to hang the head for his oral sex, so as not to let my teeth hurt him. >

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