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What You Should Do After an Auto Accident Car crashes are no walk in the park. It is difficult to avoid an accident, but there are ways you can protect yourself after an accident occurs. Be sure to stop the car after an accident has occurred, even if you are unsure if you hit something. You do not want to involve yourself in the implications of a hit and run accident, so its always best to check and be sure. It is in your best interest to always call the police to report the accident. If someone has been injured in the accident, this step is critical. There will be several times a victim will be asked by the at fault party to not call the police, and in this case it is in your best interest to call them. Many times, when someone tells you not to involve police, it can mean they do not have the proper insurance, and you may not be compensated appropriately. It’s best not to blindly follow a promise made by an at fault party.
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If a car hits you and doesn’t stop, try to record the license plate of the car and talk to any witnesses involved, taking down their contact information for future testimony if necessary. Make sure to immediately call the police and ask any potential witnesses to stay at the scene so they can speak to the authorities as well. Your insurance provider can give you uninsured motorist coverage if you are injured in a hit and run accident, but proof is required that you didn’t cause the accident, which is where witnesses can be very beneficial.
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Exchanging and gathering information at the scene of an accident is something you will absolutely want to do to ensure you are getting the appropriate amount of compensation, and that you can’t be blamed for any damage you did not do to the other party’s vehicle. It is important to collect contact and insurance information, such as name, phone number, address, and insurance information of all parties involved. You will want to diagram how the accident occurred, take photos of damages to all cars, and any other evidence like skid marks to show to the authorities or claims adjustor if necessary. If you need to file an injury claim, it can be incredibly helpful to have this kind of documentation at your disposal. This can also be beneficial if someone tries to file a claim against you, especially if the damages are less than they are claiming. You may be contacted by a claims adjustor post accident. This can be a confusing and difficult process for many people, so its a good idea to get assistance from an auto accident attorney so they can help you to understand your rights and answer any questions you may have. Being knowledgeable about what to do after an accident can greatly reduce the stress and uneasiness brought upon by this unfortunate circumstance, so always make sure to be prepared.

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