Shortcuts woman orgasm volcano mouth

sex shortcuts.

the clitoris is woman sex "Volcano", is rich in neural link the vaginal and brain. Stimulation of the clitoris is 3 minutes, most of the women’s will be able to experience the ultimate pleasure. The husband can move the fingers were placed in the clitoris on both sides, gently caress around, feel the uplift of each side, and slowly to accelerate the pace of.

G-spot stimulation.

it is located in the anterior wall of vagina, distance vagina mouth a few centimeters, finger feel, touch can feel like walnut surface irregularities. Find the G-spot, in his wife’s stomach gently downwards pressing, to strengthen the stimulation. G is the most powerful climax of pelvic nerve in vivo stimulated to form, by its pleasure, far stronger than the clitoris orgasm.

A little stimulation.

A is more women "sensitive point" one study in recent years, is located in the 5 cm above the g-spot. Here the nerve can transfer signals to the brain, let women enter the condition quickly, accelerate to make

circular routes.

caressed breast is almost the only way which must be passed to reach orgasm. The most effective way to stimulate the "circular motion" is, to the nipple as the center of a circle, around the search for "treasure". Two weeks ago the most sensitive female menstruation, chest feeling, is the pursuit of a strong href= "

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