Simple 3 steps to make her feel wonderful orgasm

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related to the investigation, only 1/3 href= "women in run. But to have a "sex", thanks to the appropriate stimulation of the pudendal, husband of pelvis and abdomen at three. The brain is human sensory system memory, and stimulation of this three part, equal to the input " orgasm " command. The United States registered sex therapist Ivan · a Fulbright said the author, how to improve the quality of sex, make the female orgasm, in different ages, different environment will be different, but through the following steps, can significantly increase the probability of climax.

sex first step: from her most likely to feel pleasure parts of. This technique is mainly aimed at women who are difficult to get pleasure. Husband wife should touch the clitoris, ensure that before entering, his wife has been completely "excited". Then, regardless of the position of women arrived at the peak, the probability will increase. If using the traditional male host, in his wife’s buttock pad pillow, better stimulation of the g-spot. But no matter when, must continue to stimulate the clitoris, such as the continuous fingers in the circle, the wife of the inguinal touch.

sex second step: raised his wife’s legs, the top in his chest, to enlarge the G-spot stimulation, the lower abdominal nerve remain highly excited, still can let a female own touch the clitoris. This method is very sultry, in addition to relax the female’s mood, let her find fun in sexual pleasure, rectal contractions can also stimulate the pelvic and hypogastric nerves, the peak will send her happy.

sex third step: adopts rear entry. Husband wife hand stimulation of the clitoris, another hand touch in the around the anus. This can increase the sex of the complexity and intensity, and make women better understand pleasure.

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