Six foreplay techniques play a woman orgasm

in the sexual process of of females, foreplay is more than a day. Only in the foreplay to female enough pleasure, to make women better to put the next sex to. Then have a higher chance to enjoy run. How to give women happiness enough foreplay? You need to master the following skills.

1 from the psychological sense of dependence


men may think in the lower part of the body in sex, while women are not, the woman must have felt, have love, in order to achieve orgasm. The first step is to do so, man, is to love her, let her feel trust, dependence. On the psychological level, women feel a sense of security and a sense of trust, to be the body entrusted to partner. Investigation shows, at the beginning of the sexual behavior, about 48% of women do not want to, but in the partner’s offensive melting tenderness, the last 80% of women intoxicated. male from pleasing women gain a sense of achievement, the thrill of conquest in the surf the occasion arises spontaneously. Of course, if the male desire action, initiated by women flirting foreplay, they also accept.

2 launched the gentle attack

in the strong, strong men, when the foreplay will control their own strength, to win the tender. Especially in the first attack, must be gentle offensive. You can imagine the female body into a musical instrument, just started when she played, please light twist slowly kneading, gentleness. Women need to touch and tease the emotional and spiritual, to provoke lust, so slow, gentle caress, close to slowly from the farthest to the key parts of the limbs.


kissing and caressing do many things at once

kissing and caressing foreplay are important skills, but also the man likes, but if a little kiss, while clearly not fierce caress, let the kiss and caress go hand in hand, to let women pleasure doubled. Men in addition to kiss point fall on the lips, ears, neck, back, chest and other general known sensitive zone, also don’t ignore the fingers and toes, armpit, thigh, the elbow and knee joint medial soft parts. While kissing at the same time, hand to keep up with the pace, the use of pulp touch, finger fingertips circle, pressing, dig dig, import and transform "refers to the skill", all can imagine the sensitive zone get to be developed on the craziness. Hands and mouth, does not bring the same happiness to women.

4 give her wonderful fantasy

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