Six kinds of special posture to boost the female orgasm


1, flexion significant magical powers — to help you live BB

this is a position that is most suitable for a marriage to pregnant of you, because the use of flexion vaginal < /u> is nearly vertical, but also with deep, so like ejaculation, semen into the test tube of water not overflow; in addition, this kind of body posture for some postpartum vaginal relaxation women start, is also healing.

The correct position of

the woman lying down, legs tightly in the abdomen, or place the leg squat man’s shoulder, the man put his hands extended, forming prone squat posture.

Not suitable

: this position will bring about vaginal short larger friction stimulation, therefore the vagina is short or hypoplasia of women might not be able to withstand.

2, stretch posture — the most appropriate tension master

stretch posture is the female legs is between the male legs. Newly married period, women because of the mood of tension, sex , inevitably cause vaginal opening is small, not consciously make resistance.


done bit can make men enter smoothly, by the vaginal oppression slowly congestion >

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