Six to improve the basic strokes caused by women

          close to

          husband and wife to communicate, even to talk about a few idea of transient. Talk and listen to keep you close. The study also found that, men occasionally complain instead can mobilize the partner’s emotional.


          American Boston College study found, talk about sexual behavior, including sexual fantasy, excitement, can enhance the quality of life. But note that the best don’t in the bedroom in speaking of sex, because 79% of the defeat "conversation" happen in bed.


            a Canadian study shows, hug can increase the male hormone in females, the clitoris more sensitive. Which may be many women hug and partner in the morning, feeling "of one of the reasons caused by abundant".


            appreciation of a woman’s body, can let its "of conversation". But be careful not to comment on her sensitive parts. If in doubt, can say what "safe" compliment, such as "this pair of jeans is your hip is very charming!" The woman inborn love romantic cliche, many words can again, man must learn this.



              kiss is the bedroom pass. A new study published American "evolutionary psychology" magazine show, women do not want to and kiss the poor level of men enjoy

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