Skills experience passion collision sex

small make up to introduce a Bow shooting type

because more stimulating this way, suggest that need good foreplay work, and in a position to sexual intercourse, when women have been very excited and this position, can be twice the result with half the effort, let you of the woman into the Elysian Fields yuxianyusi! ~


standard – male standing posture, hands from women thigh respectively hold one thigh, enter the vaginal picked up the woman, the woman his arms around the man’s neck.

entered the posture – can have a variety of methods. For example,

1 male sits, female cross legs sitting in a male body, > the penis into the vagina, male hands respectively hold one thigh from the medial side of the thigh, women hold a man’s neck after the man stood up.

2 female

in bedside supine, a man standing on the bed into the vagina as the same law picked up the woman.

passion collision technique

1 male do not move, by the hand of

dynamic woman on woman makes

2 male real live woman, hand, let the woman pudenda hit man pudenda.

3 with both hands in the air and fixed woman position immobility, men cross department before and after the movement of the piston, the impact pussy.

4 does not have fixed a party does not move, but the male force impact of vulva.

5 using the arms in front of you let the woman body, surrounded by the pudendal combination do clockwise and counter clockwise movement, your penis in the vagina to stir, turn around.

use can have other ways and skills, it could be a change to any other position. For example, a woman’s legs on your shoulders, etc., but this way the impact force of the vulva is not big enough, the stimulus is not very strong.

in this position, the woman does not need to be forced, the body is composed entirely of men hold in the air, has floated fog sense movement, natural stimuli. Plus pudendal impact by other posture constraints, can be the full impact. Plus two is powerful the vulva of the contacts. The movement, pudendal contact area is wide, the impact noise, high degree of incomparable stimulation.

in the years of practice >

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