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A Guide to Applying Eye Makeup The application of eye makeup will probably improve the beauty of your eyes and make it more alive. Makeup can make your eyes look smaller or larger and very big eyes are able to get richness and more depth with proper application of eye makeup. It’s deemed to be an art itself with regards to applying eye makeup. Normally, it takes some time to practice only to become good at it but also, to find one that will suit you best. When you are applying makeup on your face, the eye product has to go first before anything else you have to put on. The main reason for this is that, eyeliners and eye shadows could be a bit messy and if you have to use cream to wipe the excess away or clean up other areas that surround the eyes, it is going to be easier when your face is free from makeup products like foundation and the likes. And for the order of makeup application, it is best if you are going to start it with eyeliner, shadow and mascara. As you begin with the eyeliner, it will help you to define the area and make it simpler to correctly apply the shadow. As much as possible, apply the mascara after the eye shadow because it should stay clean; if you don’t, there are instances in which some particles of the shadow will land on your mascara, making it difficult to clean up.
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The best tip for applying the eye shadow is using a good bristle brush and not sponge applicators that come with the standard eyeshades. You won’t believe the difference in utilizing good bristle brush like what the pros are using. The shadow would blend and apply a lot easier and smoother, the colour looks more alive and cleaner while the bristle brush will fill the creases, way better than spongy applicators. A good set of makeup brushes is very important regardless of what makeup kit you’re using, not just for the eyes but for powder and brush too.
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Eye shadow colours are often a personal choice even if there are standards that are applied to everyone. Try to use same shades for your shadow if you have green or blue eyes. The eye shadow has amazing ability of enhancing the colours of your eyes so it’ll make green eyes greener and at times, turn them to a different shade of green. Darker colours of shadows similar to deep brown, gray and black can create a dramatic effect, particularly if you’ve used a dark eyeliner with it.

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