Speed solution after fatigue sex tips

Sex, is a human instinct in the most profound, intense activity, one of which is also the most essential, so the ancients cloud: sex is. However, on the one hand the thing always differ in thousands of ways,, of life are indispensable to human instinct, on the other hand, because of the great of all aspects of modern social psychological pressure, making a considerable number of men and women gradually produced a "fatigue" phenomenon.


according to the survey, this part of the crowd of men and women, especially in engaged in intelligence (or mental) work for many, these men and women who had a pleasant life, but was caught in a "fatigue" dilemma, to feel depressed, hard to find happiness.

Intimate partner passion formula of

to get rid of the predicament of life, we must do the following:

a formula: sex frequency without the required standards. That is, the position of the sex should adjust. For some couples, make love a monthly effect is good, the two sides also meet, and some people may be five times a week that meet love. This is the individual differences, can not be forced uniformly. As long as the two sides with, understand and say what you feel, will be coordinated with each other, not suspicion, otherwise it will form a vicious spiral.

Formula Two: emotional contact is not necessarily sexual behavior. Men generally think sexual contact must contain sexual intercourse, this is wrong. Life consists of many aspects, does not always associated with sexual excitement generated by the. The woman is the most clear fact: as long as there is a considerate feeling is enough. That is to say, when she took the initiative to hug you, not necessarily require you to "real thing", maybe she just want to find a warm feeling.

Formula Three: planned along the way. Love should also be planned, the only way to have tacit cooperation between lovers. In fact, two people "life plan", is also a very sensual enjoyment. For example, one man will blame said: "she usually likes to make love in the very late, and I just at that time already dispirited to." Results "of" bad timing, each other unhappy and sleep. Visible "plan" is very important.

formula four: Romance of your games. Two people alone together, can be a candle dinner; or the two person leg cover blankets, watching the moon chatting on the balcony, review the first love, tenderness…… Now many couples also fashionable a "lover of lovemaking", namely, from time to time to the hotel to sleep for the night. Enjoy sex in a casual manner, the mood to.

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