Sprint omni-directional orgasm skills

in the human body surface, there is a easy to accept the stimulation site, cause sexual excitement, called sensitive area (also known as estrous area). Other than the sensitive region of of female Yin as the center, including the Yin pedicle, Yin Fu and inner thighs, followed by the nipple and a lip, tongue as the center including eyelids, cheeks, ears and neck area, axillary, waist, hip etc.. If the the appropriate stimulus male female these parts, will cause the female sexual excitement.

due to the sensitive degree of each are not identical, so the time required to induce sexual arousal is not the same. Short, only a few minutes, long half an hour, generally takes about 10 minutes.

when the female is in persistent high tide period, on both sides of the large Yin lip of Bartholin’s gland secretes large quantities of liquid to wet the Yin crossing; Yin Road congestion, color from pink to deep purple, make the Yin tract tight and narrow, produced Yin on the role of Yin stems tightly wrapped, causing pleasure makes Yin stem pumping time.

at this time, if the Yin stems into Yin, can make the sexual excitement of sustained and stable at a high level, make sexual excitement into a sustainable orgasm phase . At this point, the lubricating liquid of Bartholin’s gland secretion began to decrease, lubrication Yin tract decreased, especially in the climax period is prolonged when the more obvious, breast on the basis of the original increase from twenty percent to twenty-five percent, then, they entered into the climax period.

Female orgasm period after entering

, yin and of uterine will produce pleasure of rhythmical twitch, even the pelvic muscles, anal sphincter will happen involuntary twitch. Laryngeal muscles twitch, can make the respiratory amplitude increases, the air inlet and the throat muscles, vibrating vocal cords, will moan >

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