Starting from the body and mind; ten strokes reach sexual climax

high tide feel sometimes like falling off a cliff as thrilling and unpredictable, so how can we achieve this goal? In fact it is from psychosomatic two efforts:

, the psychological coup

1, save — many found that women, if they before the upcoming activities spend some time for positive sexual fantasy, like this can let themselves physically and emotionally gradually excited. This also help women to understand what environmental conditions (such as a romantic or erotic stories, love songs, videos) can make yourself up, so that the appropriate use of these conditions during sexual activity. With this preheating process, women would end the easy reach of victory.

2, fully relax before — most women in can accept sexual pleasure often needed a way to keep them fully open transition period, in order to let myself out of a job or housework regulatory loop or trouble. Because the tension will produce negative influence on the reaction. So, listen to music, a hot bath, read or do anything to relaxing. When people are getting relaxed state will contribute to a climax.

3, don’t distract — women often find that their mind is always because of some let them distractions get noisy, pet like lights going to do tomorrow things, worried about privacy, too bright, sound too noisy, the bedroom. Any kind of distraction can damage for most women reach orgasm critical attention. So clear to let oneself of distraction, put them all arrangements will help women to focus on their body and good feelings before sex, so naturally it is easy to achieve orgasm.

4, eliminate the resentment — may not say what people will fall in love with porcupine general people, all covered with long stiff spines, touch the wounding, and many women just in raw mate gas is so see their. Anger makes people’s distance is distant. For most women must eliminate those resentment and hurt feelings, achieve the combination of the closest they can with your partner, before combining the sexual organs of both parties need first to the marriage of the soul.

5, straight body like feeling — learn to accept and appreciate your body, even if there are some not perfect or even defects, is the key to obtain positive reaction. The physical defect (such as appearance, feel, smell, taste and so on) unrest could destructive reaction, of course also interfere with the climax of the acquired. This upset also interferes with sexual arousal. In other words, physical and mental reactions are identical. It is well to remember >

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