Stimulation patterns with Qiao tongue play out


oral sex is normal but
way of life

                  reasonable patterns are helpful to improve the relationship, to improve the taste and quality of life. Also, pay attention to other parts of the body and genital health as clean.

                  a, ready to work:

                oral sex is a beautiful thing, if you are not purely to vent, it should create conditions and atmosphere for the manufacturing point of this matter, for example, in the evening, the lights dim.

                both sides go take a bath, because genital structure, women’s is more complex, more wrinkles, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, so take a shower when the attention to the size of the labia minora open clean.

                  male should put on some music to the bed, waiting for her; women after rinsing, get used to the pudendal flutter point of perfume, but is the perfume too strong and too much use never, because men as you cunnilingus, his nose is closest to your genitals, if perfume too strong easily choked to each other;

                  don’t put the perfume in the >

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