Straight beat to practice sex flirting law

wants to know about flirting skills, experience the perfect love life? And to love again. Ll start, are you ready?

, the geographical exploration

1, interpretation of the body map

dentist not to be loved, more and more people but recently to dentists interested, because they found with acupuncture pressing one called the P-6 part can effectively eliminate the dentist to explore, in patients with oral agitation caused discomfort.

this point and sex have what relation? Try to find her P-6, such as her wrist, with your right hand three fingers press there, you will be able to experience had not tried the fun.

of course, she physically sensitive areas must not only this point, like the explorer to find out.

2, awakens the sleeping volcano

some women, only by massage her feet can reach run.

that you don’t know?

in the palm coated with massage oil, started from her arch leisurely, powerful, slowly massage to the sole of her foot, and then from the toe massage to feet. Usually people toe in neural and reproductive organs directly connected, so you might as well stay here for a while. In this process, observe each small action brought her reaction in each position, according to her reaction to adjust the massage strength, heavy enough to make her frown or light to no reaction is the failure of oh.

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