Summer couples sex life more enduring skills

summer of life is a "busy season, how to make full use of in this period of time this requires skills and principle of control of a good time.

life duration of most men , because the influence factors of age, sexual stimulation, sex degree method and so on, " sex duration, the length of each. When sexual life intense sexual stimulation, the mood excited, "

the summer should extend sexual life time with each other, we need to choose some man with little force, muscle relaxation of the position and techniques . such as horizontal side, woman on top, sitting can effectively prolong the life time of. At the same time of life emphasized quiet, slow and relaxed environment, especially have unexpected effects on male, though not exclusively for extended life and design, but to improve their self-control male ejaculation does wonders.

and when sexual life available to women’s inferior cushion pad. woman’s mouth to man the right ear slowly deep breath, while male to female mouth close to the left ear slowly inhale deeply. In turn, and imagine a circular halo penetrates the whole body — head, heart, genital…… In such a relaxed and enjoyable situations, ejaculation desires may well be controlled.

of course sexual life time lasts too long, is unfavorable to the couple’s body. In the process of , the body’s energy consumption increased significantly, enhance the metabolism. If every time sexual life last a long time, it will make the human energy consume too much and >

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