Surprised! Cucumber flavor to arouse sexual desire in women

smells can influence sexual intensity is already a consensus. Men often think roses, chocolate or wine to make the best weapon for women love ripples, but scientists proved that these things in addition to enhance the romantic atmosphere, for nothing. Really can stimulate the female sexual taste but is the most common licorice extract, cucumber and baby powder scent.

Dr Alan Hirsch

American Chicago smell and taste treatment and research foundation after years of research findings. He found that 3 kinds of taste will make the female vaginal blood flow increased about 13%, which means that the promotion of sexual arousal level.

in addition, pumpkin pie, sweet taste is also helps to stimulate the female libido, just not the 3 strong effect. However, this is the most can make men excited taste.

, in contrast, Dr. Hirsch also found, cherry, grilled meat and men’s cologne will keep the original "short circuit" sexual atmosphere, because this kinds of taste will cause the female vaginal blood flow decreased significantly.

says Dr Hirsch, taste can arouse sexual desire, one of the reasons is because the smell and the brain mainly control diaphragm nuclear sexual arousal has a direct relationship, the taste itself can stimulate the brain neurotransmitter production. On the other hand, pheromones may be at work. Pheromones are produced animal or plant body of a volatile trace chemical substances, people are often easy to ignore or don’t aware. For example, the ant is through the secretion of pheromone and peer exchange, mammals through pheromone make offspring to learn to recognize the parents with the enemy. Female college students live in the same dormitory will gradually appear in " menstrual synchronization phenomena, but also play a key role in pheromone. So, may be included in these different flavour of pheromone in arousing the degree the human body desire.

‘s point of view, to make sex more enthusiastic, in fact not >

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