Taboo do not take make fun of sex on the bed

1, do not force partner sex


women’s capabilities have some differences, and individual ability will decay due to increased age, this is the law of nature, of course, also by the effect of sexual desire, emotion work, health , male and female sexuality differences always exist, so can’t ask partners remain the same, otherwise the sex becomes mechanical may, for a long time will lose interest in sex".

2, need not too rules and rigid sex

sex life too rules into "system", the timing, quantitative, fixed, rigid time or love, will make life become lifeless, exciting degree is not high, and even allow partner feel bored, feel that sex is a between husband and wife handle, and easy to make partner has a sense of urgency and a sense of oppression of.

Make fun of

3, don’t often take sex

husband and wife sex will always be a sexual signal, the other party should respond positively, add pleasure in sexual love a little joke can, but must be moderate, if often sexually signaled not appropriate, like the "wolf", to a real sex requirement, partners may misunderstand and jokes aside, cause conflicts, Eros without a trace.


don’t have to bath after nature life

in the reproductive organs of health is very important, the sexual life before the couple should be clean external genital organs, such as just bath after sexual intercourse, can be simple to clean up, and you to have their own see

solution, always after hurried into the bathroom or ask a friend immediately wash, may therefore cause many unhappy, the lack of "after the play", will also affect the quality.

5, not so much the novelty

husband and wife sex life more live in open today, many people have seen "details the lives of three piece" or descriptive books, will inevitably want to try, may make life more interesting, more happy. However, the need to pay attention to couple the idea difference, if your partner was difficult to accept, then we must pay attention to keep consistent, or take the gradual way change slowly, otherwise it will certainly make partner cares and doubts even unpleasant, "well intentioned but do bad things".

6, not every woman

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