Teach you 15 minutes to get him to reach orgasm

found that the average woman in sex 10 to 20 minutes can reach run.

last 15 minutes, China health network of experts teach you 15 minutes to let she must be the climax of the skill.

countdown 15 minutes: kiss

to spend at least 3 minutes to kiss in 15 minutes. Research USA Lafayette University found that kissing reduces stress hormone levels of cortisol nervous. When you kiss, your head deviation to the right — scientists in Germany found that this makes you seem more concerned about her, her body full of improve libido of chemical substances, build trust and encouraging her to come quickly.

but don’t just kiss her lips. William Cane: Art author, investigated 50000 in women, ninety-six percent of women chose to kiss his neck as a warm-up best. But don’t overdo it, Cane said. "From time to time to let the lips from her neck to her neck light slip so as not to lose sensitivity."

each time you kiss her neck, off as soon as he saw the clothes. This is not only save you 15 this minute, is to let you build on the body of the confidence. Cincinnati City University published a study, when your girlfriend naked when you feel good, she will immediately come. "Every time you take off a piece of clothing to praise a part of her body," says psychologist Christine Webber. "You will dramatically reduce her self consciousness." And in just 180 seconds, you will reap a beast.

countdown 12 minutes: flirt with girlfriend

although she now has basically naked but let her underwear for one or two minutes. "Across the underwear kissing and caressing her not to go straight to the destination," scientist Paula Hall said. "So she is looking forward to going to happen, not say without mincing words to stimulate her" if you feel time is short words will organize women reach orgasm, Webber added. Let her feel this moment would never end, but then took off her underwear, and use of new strawberry Durex. This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive. Study on chemical scientific organization America >

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