Teach you how to identify genuine and fake hymen

a lot of people think that the hymen is equal to the first time, don’t know why men prefer that a layer of film. Therefore, a lot of women’s to the hospital hymen rehabilitate operation, hoping to keep a man. In all can. Today, men no longer believe that hymen. Moreover, the man is not only love the hymen, men love is a woman’s first love, man is a virgin.

fake hymen operation only to achieve the following two effects: sense and breakthrough bleeding. The operation was divided into the following several kinds:

A. threading method.

this operation is put on a fine thread in the remaining hymen inner margin, so when mating because thread broke and breakthrough in a sense, because silk torn and bleeding residual hymen.

B. direct suture.

this operation is suitable for fresh rupture of the hymen, is to split the direct use of suture on both sides.

c.V-Y suture.

this operation is suitable for serious damaged hymen, because this has no direct suture. Through a V-Y incision and suture forced the remaining hymen and stretch outwards, so that to narrow the hymen in the mouth of the results.

in differential diagnosis of

are as follows:

most hymen inside the mouth is small Kong Zhuang (if a cribriform hymen is absolutely true), shape, the inner opening of the basic rules of the symmetrical, translucent, can only let the tail to refer to scrape into the. There will never be a scar, when many first rupture hemorrhage. Operation and repair the hymen after inside the mouth is very irregular, with radial or Y shaped scar or cut. You can even see a thread loop bypass. Larger caliber. Because the scar tissue to fibrous tissue, without vessel, so the fake hymen rupture hemorrhage volume smaller.

is one of the most important is to see the two thigh heel distance from the rear, non distance at least 3cm more. Virgo is clamped tight, basically there is no gap. The method to judge the accuracy rate in more than 88% (conservative), which is a lot of cases according to female sexual behavior before and after the change in the body that, do not believe you can also do their own observation and comparison.

: how to identify the virgin man folk square

A physiological method:

, a considerable part of the woman, in a certain period of the " of life (one or two years) after ,

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