Teach you reduced sensitivity to prolong sex time skills

              life time British people ranked first, but also very discouraged, because the "first" is not how, because the average time of only 7 minutes and 36 seconds.

Americans ranked second, with an average time of 7 minutes, followed by Spanish 5.8 minutes, the Dutch 5.1 minutes, 3.8 minutes to the turks.

        "the Journal of sexual medicine" to do a survey on sexual life time. Investigation shows, the sexual life of husband and wife when the climax duration, the longest 44 seconds, the shortest was 30 seconds.

how to extend the time of sexual life? The key is to reduce the sensitivity of the glans.

male first sensitive area. The final is because glans ejaculation by intense stimulation (usually pressure) occurred after. If we can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, ejaculation will be delayed.

here to introduce several methods:

1, distracting method

love input, ideas are concentrated in the glans penis. Men have their own body and even into the women’s feeling. At this time, if the content of thinking about other things. 57 health net can be temporarily relieved ejaculation impulses.

2, mechanical compression method

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