Teach you the correct insertion of anal sex skills

          anal sex in most female wish list of the rankings are relatively backward, because most women still regard it as taboo position, and think to use this position to do will be very pain / be infected with some disgusting something / the worst is they will be subjected to rough treatment. But that doesn’t mean no one to try.

      about 43% of women have tried anal sex, but only less than 30% of the people feel a sense of pleasure. Anal sex is a kind of high risk behavior (think HIV it), so do it uses powerful condoms to protect themselves must, but he must take it easy. Anal region of the organization are very fragile and not elastic (unlike vaginal ), so it is easy to tear.


in men with men, men and women anal sex: is inserted into the right side must take control. Because anal sex and foreplay are likely to spread STD , in your partner’s " and your penis anus close contact should wear a condom before – even if he does not insert.


in the penis condom your partner and your anus painted a lot of. I suggest that you sit on your partner, so you can maintain control. When the head of his penis inserted into your anus, internal and external sphincter will shrink, you will feel a sharp pain. This pause! In 30 to 60 seconds, your muscles will relax, then you can safely continue to insert his penis. Up and down a few times, then relax your sphincter will be enough, so you can change any position like.

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