The 7 kind of change warning bed and lack of experience

one day, a man drunk wine, drunk to go home, he saw the wife put a sign on the refrigerator in the refrigerator Dried tofu: tofu ", on the table, in my bed……" The man didn’t understand "profound meaning in my bed", the result below write a sentence "I’ve eaten outside" scribbled to sleep, don’t know how to be ablaze with anger by reeky wife. Later, they gradually because of the heart there is no way to a thought and simply part company each going his own way.

men to close, in fact also includes knowledge "love" and her "" no.. Here, a man to remember two points: domestic woman is not necessarily to the county, her mouth just explain sexual needs; secondly, sexual demand, did not want you to be busy at putting up installations, undressing do "set" love, maybe she just need to give her a breathless hug, or a and the clothes lying chat.


female like subtle, sometimes too depressed, afraid to express their opinions, especially the "of" sound, results, it twisted a no flame, nagging and other negative emotions or state. The man itself is careless, often not to understand these special not lovely "sex", the results of each other’s feelings more deep rift, influence of marriage quality. So, you want to snub the hearts of his wife, lest her suspicious, suspicious, you usually have more carefully, and even more to the "crooked" to think about, perhaps the old problems will be smoothly done or easily solved, new problems also change danger into safety.

1 no fire: wife if be rather baffling to temper, throw things tinkling, sat down to earth would "shake three shake", you have to review, how long did not "trouble" her once. What is called "contentment", contentment is happiness, that peace of mind, and now she is not happy, also restless, shows you some estranged from her body. Her body in protest, in fact, she also can’t control, so, tonight, you should have a good comfort her. Ancient palace fight, conspiracy, in fact, is a woman too much and the emperor a person busy’s sake. Man is a woman’s best fire extinguisher.

2 the chatter: women eat snacks, is because of loneliness, those old times concubine like nibbling seeds, gossip stir up enmity is short, because of the lack of the master’s nourishing, tongue manifestation is lonely. And lonely the best antidote is of course the beloved man coax or arch. "Arch" word may not elegant, like pig verbs, however, it means that the facial features of participation, is the most emotional intimacy. Women are emotional, as long as you and her forehead touching, she will be happy, don’t think you only to narrow, but love.

3 deliberately virtuous: This is a bear, is the eve of the volcano erupts, so, you want to quickly response, otherwise the consequences of your own. Her low profile, her hard-working, do you see, in fact, is to impress you >

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